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Train gangways from ULTIMATE Europe

We provide a wide range of gangways for any type of rail vehicle. Our gangways can be fitted with various kinds of folding or corrugated bellows. All gangways can be supplied with different types of flooring, air ducts and interior panels

We are able to supply tram gangways that include upper and lower articulated joints.

Our high-performance testing facilities put the prototype models through their paces in real conditions.  



Trams and articulated joints

Our tram gangways are lightweight, customised constructions designed to the latest standards. Depending on sound insulation requirements, we are able to supply single- or double-layer bellows, as well as different flooring solutions such as rubber floors or embossed metal floors.

Rapid locking mechanisms, air ducts and removable floors can also be fitted on option.

ULTIMATE is also able to supply comprehensive gangway solutions that include top and bottom articulated joints. The joints are engineered to customer specifications, depending on the route of the vehicle and vehicle dynamics.

Regional trains

Double-layer folding bellows provide excellent sound insulation and a high degree of passenger comfort.

We have a range of different floor solutions such as bridge plates, chain bridges and rotatable floor plates, the choice of which depends on the route the vehicle travels and its motion.

Middle or end frame interlocks provide a high degree of flexibility for different vehicle configurations. Choosing the most appropriate material for the folding bellows results in low maintenance costs and ensures a long, sustainable service life.

Zugübergänge für Regionalzüge


Gangways for subways are specially designed to allow the widest thoroughfare for passengers.

Depending on requirements, we can supply single- or double-layer designs for a high degree of comfort in terms of noise reduction and interior climate. Because aesthetic aspects are also an important consideration on board modern rail vehicles, ULTIMATE provides side wall panels featuring customised designs.

Our portfolio also contains rapid locking systems and integrated lighting for the gangway area.

High-speed trains

Gangways for high-speed trains are the high-end products in our portfolio. Train speeds of up to 350 km/h demand the best engineering and materials to deliver the most reliable custom-designed solutions possible.

To improve the aerodynamics, these gangways can also be supplied with body panels. Grab poles, different types of rapid locking mechanism and a range of flooring solutions are available on option.

Ingenious solutions, such as the separately opening inner bellows and our patented bridge plates with rapid opening mechanism, enable easy access for maintenance work.


Motion analysis software

ULTIMATE has developed special motion analysis software that is able to simulate the actual route data.

The data gathered is integrated at the beginning of the construction phase and used to test prototype gangways by simulating actual conditions on a high-performance test stand.

Finally, an endurance test guarantees the reliability as well as the service life of the products.

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