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Interior panels for rail vehicles

Wall panels

ULTIMATE have developed their in-house PrePreg solution for rail interior components. The unique combination of pre-impregnated fibre mats and the sandwich construction method results in panels that are up to 60% lighter than the equivalent GRP panels, while the technical parameters such as fire standards and impact resistance remain the same, or are even better.

Other materials available for the production of wall panels include: 

  • Hand lay-up laminate
  • RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding)
  • SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound)
  • Aluminium (deep drawing)
  • ABS (thermoforming)
  • HPL (high-pressure laminate)

Vestibule panels

We can fit vestibule panels with integrated air ducts, grab poles, electric components such as buttons, alarm systems or emergency devices.

We can also equip these components with inspection doors upon request.


ULTIMATE designs partitions in line with customer needs, in terms of material, design and specifications. Depending on the application, partitions can also be fitted with diverse electronic components, such as integrated door operating mechanisms.

Due to the wide range of materials we use – including aluminium, stainless steel and HPL solutions – we are able to achieve lightweight, functional solutions with smart assembly concepts.

Zug Trennwand

Switch box casing

Switch box casing is a functional, structural feature that protects the technological components on board a rail vehicle. Various inspection doors locked by key prevent unauthorised access.

According to customer specifications, we are able to provide fire protection up to EN45545 HL3 standards, as well as sound insulation.

Driver’s cab fittings

The driver’s cab – being the place where those operating the train work – presents our technicians with particular challenges linked to the specific functional and ergonomic requirements of this part of the vehicle. We work with the customer to define the perfect driver’s cab, which enables us to determine the most appropriate production technology.

Thanks to our agile manufacturing facilities in Europe and the engineering headquarters in Austria, we can easily adapt our products to customer specifications.


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ULTIMATE are experts in comprehensive refurbishments.

We are your reliable and efficient partner for the refurbishment of your trains, including the update of interior fittings and integration of the most state-of-the-art technologies, to ensure that passengers enjoy a comfortable, safe journey.

At ULTIMATE, we’re proud to have a loyal following of satisfied customers.

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