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Luggage racks, tables and seats for rail vehicles

Luggage racks

Luggage racks are custom-designed for each project. Using modular construction of extruded aluminium profiles and safety glass enables us to adapt our luggage racks easily, according to the rail vehicle layout.

We are also able to provide luggage racks featuring integrated reading lamps and seat reservation displays.



Adjustable tables are becoming increasingly popular. Besides integrated waste disposal bins and electric sockets, we can also provide solutions featuring new technologies such as cable-free charging and anti-bacteria coatings.

As far as materials are concerned, we design our tables to customer specifications. For example, we offer a range of HPL finishes and edge designs.


ULTIMATE can supply seats with custom-designed finishes for subways and trams, including leather or fabric seat covers.

Thanks to our modular construction concept, ULTIMATE seats can be easily adapted to different train layouts.


Grab poles

Hand rails and grab poles play an essential role in ensuring passenger safety on rail journeys. ULTIMATE provides a range of different solutions, including stand-alone poles or handrails integrated into luggage racks or vestibule panels.

The finish can be made to specifications, whether the customer requires lacquer, powder coating or brushed stainless steel. We can also apply antibacterial coatings to create a safe, healthy environment for rail passengers.

Discover more of our unique solutions:


Flexible or fixed? We deliver to your specifications.


Our train doors unlock a world of potential: quick, reliable and unique.


ULTIMATE are experts in comprehensive refurbishments.

We are your reliable and efficient partner for the refurbishment of your trains, including the update of interior fittings and integration of the most state-of-the-art technologies, to ensure that passengers enjoy a comfortable, safe journey.

At ULTIMATE, we’re proud to have a loyal following of satisfied customers.

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