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Ceiling and lighting solutions for rail vehicles

Central/side ceiling panels

ULTIMATE is a one-stop shop supplying comprehensive ceiling solutions. We can provide central and side ceiling panels with integrated air ducts and lighting, as well as anchor points for grab poles or other fittings. As a provider of integrated solutions, we are also able to include electronic components such as speakers, WLAN antenna and sensors.

Our engineers identify the best-adapted materials for each project, bearing in mind the customer’s fire protection specifications and weight restrictions. We always find the best solution together – whether this be a simple sheet construction, sandwich materials, or special composites.

Deckensystem von ULTIMATE

Lighting solutions

Thanks to our electronic and software department, we are also able to integrate automatic smart-controlled lighting solutions. This smart lighting system is able to adjust to different lighting conditions in the environment.

Another key feature is the system’s ability to adapt the colour and temperature of the light to emphasise or differentiate certain sections of the train.

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ULTIMATE are experts in comprehensive refurbishments.

We are your reliable and efficient partner for the refurbishment of your trains, including the update of interior fittings and integration of the most state-of-the-art technologies, to ensure that passengers enjoy a comfortable, safe journey.

At ULTIMATE, we’re proud to have a loyal following of satisfied customers.

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