Maximum protection and efficiency

Body panels for rail vehicles

Nose panels

Nose panels can be manufactured the classic way, out of GFP, or out of our new, lightweight PrePreg material. They can also be fitted with a lifting mechanism and integrated lighting.

Our nose panels combine weather resistance, durable construction and simple assembly, which ensures reliable performance in different kinds of environment.

Dachverkleidung Zug

Roof panels

Because body and roof panels are exposed to the elements, it is critical to use products designed to withstand these in terms of form and function.

Our roof panels are manufactured using pultrusion technology, which guarantees consistent quality and good value for money.

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Flexible or fixed? We deliver to your specifications.


Our train doors unlock a world of potential: quick, reliable and unique.


ULTIMATE are experts in comprehensive refurbishments.

We are your reliable and efficient partner for the refurbishment of your trains, including the update of interior fittings and integration of the most state-of-the-art technologies, to ensure that passengers enjoy a comfortable, safe journey.

At ULTIMATE, we’re proud to have a loyal following of satisfied customers.

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