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ULTIMATE Europe – your partner for refurbishments

Due to our extensive product knowledge and many years of experience, ULTIMATE are experts in both OEM and modernisation solutions.

We are also experts in the field of refurbishing existing fleets and retrofitting existing door systems according to customer specifications. Combined with just-in-time logistics services, we provide tailor-made solutions that correspond to customer needs.



A frequent hurdle during retrofit projects is working with outdated or non-existent technical drawings. ULTIMATE’s engineering team uses state-of-the-art equipment to create a 3D scan of the current configuration.

This data is then used to build customised products according to current standards, as well as to optimise and refurbish existing components to give them another lease of life.

Our in-house technical departments work closely with our service teams and the customer to monitor the products we supply over their entire life cycle.

This collaborative measure guarantees the reliable performance of the product.



Our logistics centre provides a range of different customer-specific solutions. For projects running over a period of several months, we can provide consignment and buffer stocks to enable continuous production on the customer’s site.

ULTIMATE can carry out additional quality inspections specifically in line with customer needs and specifications.

We can also pre-assemble specific components and propose delivery on reusable pallets.

Discover more of our unique solutions:

Zugtür von ULTIMATE Europe


Our train doors unlock a world of potential. Quick, reliable and unique.

Zugübergänge von ULTIMATE Europe


Flexible or fixed? We supply gangways to your specifications.

Zuginterieur von ULTIMATE Europe


Whether you need a single product or a fully fitted interior, we develop rail vehicle interiors in line with your specifications.

At ULTIMATE, we’re proud to have a loyal following of satisfied customers.

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