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Boarding solutions from ULTIMATE Europe

ULTIMATE supplies door systems for a wide range of different vehicle types. Besides the doors themselves, our portfolio also contains fixed steps, deployable steps and ramps.

We have specialist knowledge in the manufacturing of aluminium-framed and fully glazed door leaves, aluminium sandwich door leaves (aluminium honeycomb or equipped with insulating foam panels) or stainless-steel door leaves. We continuously adapt our door solutions to the latest standards and guidelines.

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Exterior doors

ULTIMATE develops and produces sliding doors and sliding plug doors for trams, regional trains, long-distance trains and subways.

Our door solutions are available in single- or double-leaf models, either with fully glazed or sandwich door leaves. We have optimised our tried-and-trusted, compact door drive to ensure maximum reliability and maintenance-friendliness.

Our portfolio also includes various databus systems and door leaves with buttons, light grids and LED light strips to create a customised solution in line with specific needs.

ULTIMATE also provides specially designed door drives and door leaves containing insulating material for trains operating in areas with harsh winters.

Interior/gangway doors

ULTIMATE provides a modular, integrated door system for all types of application. Designs with one or two door leaves are available with different widths of opening.

The door drive is operated either mechanically or electronically. ULTIMATE can customise the door leaves depending on requirements, incorporating buttons, motion sensors or ventilation grids. Our door solutions can be adapted to comply with the E15 fire resistance requirements.

One of our unique solutions is the ‘GangDo’, which connects the interior door to the gangway. This new concept is supplied as a plug-and-play solution and is installed between the two carriage ends.

This solution is quick and simple to install, provides aligned interfaces between the two components and creates extra space inside the carriage.

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Boarding components

Every door can be combined with a folding step, sliding step or a bridging plate.

Sliding steps or bridging plates can be equipped with weight detectors or ultrasound sensors to ensure both smooth operations and passenger safety.

We can also integrate heated floor panels upon request.

Discover more of our unique solutions:


Flexible or fixed? We deliver to your specifications.


Whether you need a single product or a fully fitted interior, our development team work to your specifications.


ULTIMATE are experts in comprehensive refurbishments.

We are your reliable and efficient partner for the refurbishment of your trains, including the update of interior fittings and integration of the most state-of-the-art technologies, to ensure that passengers enjoy a comfortable, safe journey.

At ULTIMATE, we’re proud to have a loyal following of satisfied customers.

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